Experience the NewStart Difference Today!

At NewStart Bookkeeping and Payroll we are looking to be a completely different experience in accounting related services. We aren’t looking to provide the minimum service necessary to keep you on as a client, but are interested in you being 100% happy and satisfied with our work.

We are completely serious about performing our duties, but we like to have a fun environment in which to work.

We want to help you succeed in business and will accept no failure in our client base.  We don’t want to take on as many clients as we can get, and only want to work with clients that are a good fit with us and to whom we can be an asset.

We do not want to sell you a service you do not need and that you won’t be happy with. Instead we want to provide you with the services and comfort you desire in an accounting services firm instead of trying to make you fit the mold of every other number cruncher in the area.

We prefer to speak in everyday language instead of using accounting jargon at every opportunity. We aren’t interested in hooking you with good customer service for a little while only to drop back after a year or so.

We want to develop a long term mutually beneficial relationship. We want to know the latest tax deductions and get you all the money you have coming in profit, but we genuinely care about your business and personal success.

We want to be the very best at what we do, and providing our clients with all that they need is the #1 goal.  Long Term.  Period.

What WE do best allows YOU to do what YOU do best!

  • Help People Save Money
  • Provide the best bookkeeping and payroll services available
  • Offer a money back guarantee
  • Provide a team approach that enables you to have fun while getting your work done

We will provide as much or as little bookkeeping and payroll service as you need.  NO job is too big or too small.

All work is 100% confidential.

Call us today at 334-246-1164 or email us at [email protected] and let’s talk about how we can help you do your best.