Let us provide your small business payroll services in Auburn, Alabama and the surrounding areas.

With 30 years business and accounting experience, NewStart Bookkeeping & Payroll, would like to help you be the best employer in your industry.  Our goal is 100% accuracy and 100% employer and employee satisfaction with the payroll process and benefits plans.  Your employees will have the assistance they need related to all payroll and benefits questions and problems.  No accounting jargon or bean counter mentality is used.  Instead we just offer a warm, fun, friendly rapport with you and your employees in a team approach.  Payday doesn’t have to be stressful for you or disappointing for your employees.  Your satisfaction comes backed by our money back guarantee!

Stephanie also took over our payroll service from the employee leasing company which saved us an additional $600 per month.

– Keith M.

Payroll Services include:

payroll services | payroll

  • Prepare payroll (frequency determined by client) and provide signature ready payroll checks to client or set up automatic deposit
  • Record payroll prepared by a 3rd party provider
  • Prepare quarterly payroll tax forms for all governmental entities (federal, state and city) and provide signature ready checks or remit via e-file at client’s request
  • Prepare and provide W-2s and 1099s at year end
  • Assist with I-9, W-4 and A-4 collection
  • Assist with set up of benefits programs such as medical or other insurance, retirement plans, medical savings plans, etc
  • Assist with employee sign ups into benefits programs


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