NewStart can provide all your accounts payable and accounts receivable needs!

We understand the unique cash flow problems of small businesses, especially in this economy, and have 22 years small business experience dealing with these issues.  By managing your accounts receivable and accounts payable and having regular report monitoring, you will be able to ease some of the stress that small business owners feel as they deal with the day to day problem of maintaining adequate capital for daily operations.  We can help you be sure that you have a regular working knowledge of all your expenses and the income that you have outstanding.

What WE do best allows you to do what YOU do best.

The following are accounts payable/receivable that we provide:

  • Provide collections education and assistance
  • Record sales information provided by the client
  • Originate invoices for clients to send their customers from information provided by the client
  • Provide regular detailed accounts receivable reports
  • Process approved vendor invoices into accounts payable
  • Provide detailed accounts payable reports
  • Process client approved vendor payments and provide signature ready checks to client
  • Prepare sales tax returns for all governmental entities and provide signature ready checks or e-file payments at client’s request
  • Provide signature ready checks for all tax payments or e-file at client’s request

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